About Us

During their last semester of college, Leah Umberger and Spencer Weinstein bonded over their addiction of finding that diamond in the rough. This diamond often came in the form of an amazing deal, whether it was at a garage sale, thrift store or even online.  They were both always in love with buying. It also did not hurt that they really liked each other, wanted to work with each other, and would make some money along the way. 

Spencer always loved to collect throughout his life, starting with sports cards and finding sneakers along the way. So, it was no surprise that he fell in love with designer clothes when Leah showed him the ropes. 

Leah grew up going to thrift stores with her mom and sister who were resellers on eBay at the time. After years of pouting and hating tagging along, Leah finally decided to try and see if she could make some money herself. Following her first sale, she was hooked. She created her own account and started thrifting to resell as a side hustle to pay her bills. 

Once Leah and Spencer started working together they knew they had something special, and, they wanted to offer more than what other current platforms had to offer.

Inspired by the mission of many charitable thrift stores, Broke Bish Bargains will also donate to the charity of choice for those consigners who decide to donate their sales to a charity.  Setting up a platform where consigners can give donations to a charity allows them to help give back to charity of their heart.