Are Airpods The Only Accessory You Need?

Are Airpods The Only Accessory You Need?

A sensation that seemed to blow up overnight. The Apple Air Pods. Everybody and their mother has a pair now. Their popularity quickly grew after the first version was released in December of 2016. The performance and convenience made it a must-have purchase for tech consumers.

The concept was straightforward..take the standard Apple Earbuds and cut the annoying string off. Included was a little carrying case that helps you to not lose them while giving it a charge at the same time. This design was straightforward but also practical, making the $159 price point worth every penny to the consumer. 

What shortly came after the release, Apple could not have imagined. An entire culture was built around the little white earbuds. Memes popped up everywhere, portraying that if you didn't have AirPods, you were "broke." We think it's okay to be a "Broke Bish", but not everyone felt the same.

When the memes started to die down, Apple saw an opportunity to do what they do best, which is remaking the same product with slightly better features. They could not disappoint with only making one version of their best product in the post-Steve Jobs era. They decided to release the AirPod 2 in March of 2019, making sure people could differentiate the two with a longer bud. These new earbuds were slightly better in quality but had some unique features like the ability to have wireless charging case.

Now the latest trend for these travel-friendly earbuds is decorating or buying a pattern charging case. Our favorites, of course, are those customized in a favorite designer brand logo. They're very unique looking and would pair great with your favorite designer shoes or bag. You can find great designs like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada and Chanel for your AirPods at @PodHustlers (

Who knows if there will be a better, newer version of AirPods in the future, but they better be good, or I'm for sure not buying a third pair. What do you think about the hype surrounding AirPods?


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