Help Us Give Back & Build a Stronger Community

Help Us Give Back & Build a Stronger Community

Let's Give Back All Year

With the Holiday season upon us, it's to no surprise when you hear the ringing bells at your local grocery store or have the opportunity to donate at checkout. Everyone feels more inclined to help others and be involved in the community during the holidays. Broke Bish Bargains is trying to keep the momentum going and continue these efforts throughout the entire year. We want to give back not because of the perception it gives to others, but because we can no longer sit back and watch as people struggle. 

Why We Give Back

From years of experience thrift shopping, we have seen first-hand the impact that giving back can have on individuals and communities. Whether it be a job created, clothing received, or a program to help the less fortunate. After looking at other online consignment shops, it was shocking to see that none of them continued the values of most thrift stores. 

How We Give Back

When we were thinking of ways to use our business as a platform to help others, we looked for inspiration from thrift stores. Although we're unable to impact many people in person, donating to charities allows us to support many different causes. A portion of each sale goes to one of the fantastic 12 charities our buyers have to choose from. These donations enable the customer to contribute to the cause that is most dear to their heart. 

Another way that Broke Bish Bargains gives back is by partnering with non-profit organizations to help raise money. We partner with select non-profits by encouraging their community to donate the designer clothes they never use while giving the majority of the proceeds back to their organization.

Improving the Planet, Not Just The Community

We do our best to improve the lives of others and the communities we are apart of, but giving often pays itself forward multiple times over. It’s estimated that the amount of water to go grow, dye and process the cotton for one pair of blue jeans ranges from 500-1,800 gallons. When it comes to buying a single pair of second hand jeans you’re saving hundreds of gallons of water. This is only one example of the sustainability impacts that second hand shopping has on our planet. 




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